Welcome to Love Education! This site is a space where I will share my passions and interests with you, in the hopes of teaching you something and starting or supporting your love of learning. In due time, I hope that you will in turn share your passions and interests with me, in the hopes of not only teaching me but others something!

To begin, head over the “Ellie University” tab and browse the topics I’ve shared! Then head over to the “Submit” tab and submit your own! Your submission can be anything from a short paragraph to an essay to a link or a video. Once I receive it, we’ll be in contact and work together to create a topic that will be posted under the “Your University” tab!


P.S. Here’s a TedTalk that summarizes everything I believe about learning, teaching, and education. Even though it’s not my video it encompasses the mission and values behind Love Education. Even though he might sound cheesy to you at certain times, but I truly think he’s got the right idea. Check it out and let me know if you agree with it!