Writing Samples

Here you can find some of my writing samples. Short descriptions can be found at the end of each piece. Click here for a more in depth writing portfolio that contains a variety of pieces.

Magazine Feature

Trouble in Millenial Paradise

This piece is a feature assigned in a magazine writing class. I chose to write about social isolation and dissatisfaction at UCSB.


La Gringa Latina

The assingntment was to use "your skills, creativity, knowledge, feelings, and perceptions to write about the self” while incorporating class concepts.


If You Don’t Need "Booksmart" Now, You Needed It When You Were in High School

This is a review of the 2019 movie "Booksmart" directed by Olivia Wilde.


Replace Worry with Wonder

While working at MOCA+ I would contribute my writing to their blog from time to time. Posts had to support the weekly theme of the blogs. Most posts were around 500 words.

Research Paper

Effect of Social Anxiety on Online Self-Disclosure

This was a research paper for my Communication and Emotion class. This paper uses 17 academic sources and highlights my research abilities.

Personal Narrative

JB to JB

This piece was written to meet the criteria of the New York Times Modern Love column. It is a highly personal non-fiction narrative about my own experience with love. Go easy on me please.