I am Ellis Hurtado

Content Creator,Communication Scholar,Writer,Web Designer,Graphic Designer,Video Editor,Photographer,Videographer

Name: Ellis Hurtado

Profile: Multimedia Creator

Email: ellishurtado@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ellishurtado/

Resume: Click here


Communication (written & oral) 90%
Wix 80%
Illustrator 75%
InDesign 70%
HTML 40%
About me

Hi there! I'm Ellis —a Bay Area native, who had the pleasure of attending UC Santa Barbara. While studying Communication and Multimedia Writing I developed diverse interests ranging from drug policy to multimedia messaging. I served as President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, an international organization committed to reversing the War on Drugs. As President, I managed the UCSB chapter, its members, planned events and created a harm reduction program for our local community.

Creative, dynamic, engaged, and passionate about helping people, I love to learn and excel in both leadership and collaboration. I am open to exploring work in legal cannabis or drug policy, business development, creative or marketing roles, and non-profit organizations.

Fun Facts:

  • I’m an older sister (my brother is 3 years younger).
  • I’m scuba certified.
  • I can speak, write, and read Spanish.
  • I find the study of inter- and intra-personal communication fascinating — my favorite theory being "congitive dissonance."
  • If I could have any superpower, it would be to be able to make copies of myself, so I could be in multiple places at the same time.
  • I want to conquer my fear of sky diving.
  • If I could meet one person, dead or alive, it would be Harriet Tubman I tried to contact her by séance while in a two-woman ghost club in 2006. I was, and still am, in awe of and curious about her bravery.


A jack of all trades, with the aim to master many!

Web Design

I have experience designing and building websites using Wix and HTML. Even though web building platforms like Wix have become the norm, it has been invaluable to learn the basics of HTML.

Graphic Design

While I am by no means a graphic designer, I have dabbled in the world of design for business and pleasure. To me great communication comes from clear design, as they are inextricably linked.


Despite never receiving formal instruction, my clients have used both my photos and videos on their website and social media. Whether I'm behind the camera shooting or on my computer editing, I'm smiling!


As a Communication and Writing student, I have years of experience in message creation and delivery. Across a wide scope of work, from academic to business, I have been able to create engaging and enlightening content.

Communication Strategies

While completing my BA I took an array of classes that have real world application, such as: corporate social responsibility, legal, organization and interpersonal communication.

Marketing/Social Media

I have years of experience in managing brands' social media accounts. I also have taken multiple classes on marketing and consumer behavior. By combining those skills sets I have been able to faciltate brand growth.